vilo majda


Dear friends

My activities are focused on public transport, macroeconomics and cultural activities.

I have always been able to listen to others, their opinions and ideas. I’ve always played as a team.

I am the conductor of the singing choir in Vrútky

which has been representing Vrútky as a highly cultural city for decades.

Hundreds of our fans look forward to our concerts every year.


Viac na Martinus.sk

Viac na Martinus.sk

Viac na Martinus.sk

I am a man and a politician

who always believed in my politics and I always believed in pure politics. I have never changed my mind and I have always been a Christian Democrat who believed and believes in ideals. It didn’t always benefit me, but for me, faith in the reward for good and punishment for evil is self-evident. Something that definitely is and will be. Politics is a power struggle. But I was never much concerned. I have the desire to help and serve in my blood. Selflessly.